A Convenient and Speedy Way to Handle Your Kitchen Scraps


A garbage disposal is an alternative means for getting rid of food garbage via your plumbing system. A unit is installed under your kitchen sink where it sits between the drain and the trap and essentially grinds up the food waste to allow it to pass through the pipes and out into the sewer system. Because it is integrated into your home’s plumbing system and passes into the sewage system or your septic tank, clogs and other plumbing problems do happen sometimes.


Environmental benefits of garbage disposals

Food waste and scraps are a significant part of our garbage in our homes, putting a burden on local waste services and landfills. Garbage disposals allow us to change the way we handle our residential food waste, changing it from solid waste to something closer to a liquid that can be handled through wastewater processing. As these facilities are able to manage organic solids more effectively than ever, this removes some of the burden from landfills, which also minimizes decomposition and related methane gas production. Reducing landfill waste and the creation of this greenhouse gas makes a garbage disposal a smart choice for managing food waste.



Here are some tips for maintaining and troubleshooting your garbage disposal unit:


Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

While most food waste is swept away from your garbage disposal through your plumbing system, sometimes food can build up in the casing of the disposal unit causing unpleasant odours in your kitchen. Most of these odours can be eliminated with the following simple home remedies:


  • Citrus peels such as those from lemons or oranges create a fresh, clean scent, while ice cubes can help to clear debris from the casing. Running them through the disposal together can be very effective for cleaning it.
  • Follow the ice and citrus peels with some liquid dish soap before you turn it off.
  • To ensure all buildup is cleared, let the water run for another minute or so.


Troubleshooting When Your Garbage Disposal Stops Working

If your garbage disposal stops in the middle of your chores, it may be that you’ve overworked it, causing its failsafe switch to flip. This happens if the motor overheats, and it is usually a straightforward fix. Be sure to never put your hands or any non-food objects down the drain.


  • Turn off the garbage disposal.
  • Ensure that it is properly plugged in.
  • While it is off, find the disposal’s reset switch and flip or press it.
  • Try starting the disposal again.


If these tips don’t help, call a professional from James Wall Plumbing to take a look. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to repair and maintain your home’s garbage disposal unit. If you don’t have one but would like to add this convenience to your home, we can also install one for you. Contact us to get started!

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