The Convenience of Clean, Temperature-Controlled Water at Your Fingertips


While most of your home’s plumbing system lives behind the scenes, your faucets are more public, allowing you and your family to easily access clean, fresh water. From a plumbing perspective, a faucet is a valve that allows you to control how much water flows into your sink or tub.


Faucets also allow you to set the temperature of your water. If your faucet has two taps, as most do, then the faucet uses two valves, one for hot and one for cold. Each releases the amount of hot or cold water according to how far you open the tap, and the two come together to create the perfect temperature of water you need, and that is what flows from the faucet.


In some cases, a tap may only have one handle and you adjust the amount of water you want by lifting it farther up or down, while the temperature is adjusted by turning it more to the right for cooler and more to the left for warmer. In these cases, the temperature is controlled by a thermostat included in the faucet system itself. This is becoming more common for showers and baths. These systems are called TMVs, which stands for thermostatic mixing valves.


Another benefit of TMVs is that they help to manage water pressure in your home to maintain consistent temperature. Many of us have experienced inconsistencies in water temperature when water is being used somewhere else in the home. For example, if someone flushes a toilet while you’re in the shower, it may pull cold water away from your faucet causing you to suddenly be scalded with hot water. This happens because the pressure is not controlled between different fixtures in your home, so more modern systems balance the pressure to keep everyone more comfortable.


Put a Stop to Wasteful and Annoying Drips

A leaky faucet can keep you awake at night or disrupt a peaceful day. It is most commonly caused by wear and tear within the mechanisms of the faucet. Within the faucet, there is a washer that is usually made of rubber or neoprene, and this is used to create a water-tight seal  when the tap is turned off, preventing drips and waste. When you turn the tap off, the washer is pressed down onto a valve seat to create the seal - this is known as a globe valve. Both parts of the globe valve, the washer and the valve seat, will become worn over time, which means that the seal is compromised and water can leak out.


The solution for these worn parts is fairly simple: replace the washer and/or resurface the valve seat. At James Wall Plumbing, our expert technicians can repair your leaks, replace your existing faucets, or take care of new faucet installations. From your bathroom sink to your bathtub or shower, and from your kitchen sink to your wet bar, we can take care of all of your plumbing and faucets. We also service laundry rooms, outdoor faucets for your hose and sprinkler, and water shut-off valves.


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