Pumps are the Heart of Your Home’s Plumbing System


Your heart keeps things moving in your circulatory system, and your plumbing system acts in a similar way with a pump for a heart. The pump moves water and wastewater in and out of your home via the network of pipes.


Having the right pump with the right amount of power for your home is one important element to ensure your plumbing system works reliably and at maximum efficiency. You can always count on James Wall Plumbing for quality installation and maintenance of the pumps in your plumbing system.


Common pumps that you may have in your home include:


Water Pumps

Homes that have a built-in sprinkler system for their lawns and gardens likely have a water pump that regulates the flow of water. If your water is provided from an in-ground well, a water pump is used to move the water from the well into the pipes of your home.


Pool Pumps

Keeping your swimming pool clean can be a big job, but the pool’s water pump is a helpful component. The pool pump consistently moves water between the pool and the pump, where it passes through a filter to remove dirt and debris before being returned to the pool through jets.


Sump Pumps

Deep in your basement, a sump pump works to protect your home from flooding when wet conditions might allow for groundwater to back up into your basement. This is especially important for homes that use the basement for living space, but if you store valuables and off-season belongings in the basement, this protection is just as important. The sump pump pushes water away from your home when the water table is high, such as during a spring thaw. Different power sources are available, and having a back up system via a battery is advisable. With large storms often come power outages, just when you need your sump pump the most.


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