Helping You Select Toilet Fixtures that are Efficient and Practical


Selecting toilets for your home is a necessity and we make it easy by helping you to understand the options that are available from colour and style to functional attributes. While mostly a utilitarian feature of your home, modern styling and new, more efficient toilets allow them to blend in well with your bathroom while also providing cost savings.


Whether your toilet is a required replacement or part of a dream renovation, we can help you to find the right fixture. Basic, functional models can be less expensive, while highly efficient low-flow toilets may be more expensive up front but save you money over time by using less water.


These low-flow toilet fixtures are characterized by a lesser consumption of water and more functionality. You can choose from the wide range of toilet fixtures that are classified under the low-flow toilet plumbing fixtures; they really do flush in an excellent way even the first time.


We use different technologies to enhance the functionality of low-flow toilet fixtures. One of the most commonly used methods is the installation of large drain passages, upgraded flushing systems and remodelled bowls to help in easy draining.


As a seasoned plumbing company, you can approach us for all of your plumbing needs. If you have built a new house and are looking to install new toilet fixtures, we have many ideas to share with you to add to the beauty and the utility of the toilet spaces.


Understanding How Toilets Work to Keep Them Working Well

Despite their essential role in your home’s sanitation, toilets are the plumbing fixture in our homes that we generally prefer not to think about and we definitely want to avoid any problems with them.


Toilets have a variety of working parts that can wear out from daily use. While the toilet bowl and tank are generally unchanged from day to day, the various tubes and levers within the tank can be made of plastic, rubber and other materials that can break down over time. These elements include refill tubes to refill the tank after the toilet is flushed, overflow tubes, a float and a stopper. When you press the lever to flush the toilet, the stopper is lifted, allowing the fresh water in the tank to move down into the bowl through a pipe. When the flusher is released, the stopper is put back in place, allowing the tank to fill with fresh water again.


At the same time, waste and water from the bowl are moved through a siphon tube, which curves in such a way that it will only drain the bowl when enough water from the tank fills the bowl to a certain height. At that point, the siphon tube essentially overflows and allows the waste to pass into the sewer pipes so it can be carried away from your home.


After flushing, the bowl is refilled with fresh water as well as the tank. The float inside the tank assists with this process. When water is released from the tank during flushing, the float lowers until all of the water is gone and it reaches the bottom of the tank. This triggers the refill, which fills the tank until the float reaches the top again.


New Alternatives in Toilets for Greater Water Conservation

Traditionally, toilets have used 2 gallons of water for every flush, which is to say about 7.5 litres. In order to conserve water, innovations have been developed:


  • Low flow toilet which uses about 1.5 gallons
  • Dual flush which lets the user to select different flushing volumes, either 1.6 gallons or 0.8 gallons
  • Power-assisted toilet systems flush with greater pressure, using less water


All of these options are becoming increasingly mainstream in households throughout Canada and North America.


Some of the small parts in a toilet’s tank can be replaced by you with pieces from a hardware store, however larger problems or toilet replacements require the expertise of a professional plumber. Contact us to request an estimate or a service appointment.

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