Servicing the Unique Plumbing Requirements of Tubs & Showers


When it comes to the plumbing requirements for tubs and showers, special attention is required. Although you might expect it to be just another part of the plumbing in your washroom, it is actually a unique faucet installation that must be handled separately.


As showers and tub enclosures are often surrounded by tile, they are most commonly built on-site, unlike a sink which is brought in and installed into the cabinetry, or a toilet which stands on its own. As such, the plumbers must ensure their work is done properly behind the walls prior to tiling as well as installing the fixtures and faucets.


There are a number of factors to consider when selecting your fixtures for tubs and showers, and James Wall Plumbing is here to help you make informed choices. In addition to choosing something that is aesthetically pleasing for your bathroom decor, you need to ensure the fixtures will also be functional for your family’s daily needs.


Showerheads can provide low-flow for conserving water, a relaxing rainfall effect, or variable pressure according to each person’s preference. For bathing infants, or for seniors or the disabled, it may be convenient to have a handheld shower that can be detached from the wall as needed.


Another feature that is becoming popular in more spa-inspired and luxurious bathrooms are jets in the walls of your shower stall, providing water spray from the sides at various angles. These are inspired by Vichy showers made popular at many spas.


Specialty faucets can also include filters, lights, and even music. From basic to all the bells and whistles, shower heads add to the beauty of your home’s decor and the comfort of your bathing experience.


At James Wall Plumbing, our experienced and qualified plumbers can help you to select the right shower fixtures for your decor, your needs, and your budget, and we will provide quality installation and service.


Plumbing Repairs for Tubs and Showers

When it comes to plumbing problems for tubs and showers, clogged drains are probably the most familiar for most of us. Hair is a common culprit, collecting over time in the drainage system as we rinse away shampoo and soap. James Wall Plumbing can assist with any plumbing repairs for your tubs and showers.


Installing the Latest in Plumbing Fixtures for Replacements, Renovations and New Construction

Depending on the size of your home’s bathrooms and who is using them, you can choose from a wide range of tub and shower styles and colours. For those who enjoy soaking in a bath, a tub is a necessity and you might choose a deep soaker or a retro footed tub. Showers tend to be more practical for day-to-day life, but with today’s wide selection of faucets, shower heads, and additional water jets, they can also be a luxury to enjoy.


We can help you to select the right fixtures for your home and your personal needs, and we will provide quality installation and repairs. Some options include:


Shower & Tub in One - The Best of Both Worlds

The shower and tub combination is the go-to plan for many homes. The tub is available for baths while you can also stand in the tub and enjoy the convenience of a shower. This is an efficient use of space for everyone who chooses it.


Shower Stall

Often tiled and decorative, stand-up showers are even more efficient with space, though without the option of taking a bath (unless you also have a separate tub). That’s not to say shower stalls can’t provide their share of comforts. Having multiple shower nozzles has become very popular, providing water and even massaging jets from the walls of the stall.



Bathtubs in the western nations are distinct in that the bather lies down in a prone position for bathing purposes. These types of baths are typically shallow and long and can either be free-standing, like those pedestal and claw-footed designs of the 19th century, or the more traditional molded units that utilize walls of the bathroom for support.


Walk-in Bathtubs

Particularly suited to older adults or people with disabilities, walk-in tubs generally have a door that lets the bather walk in without having to lift their legs over the side of the tub. Once the door is closed, it provides a water-tight seal so that the tub can be filled. Additional features can include upright seats, safety bars, non-slip flooring and hand-held shower heads. To ease aches and pains, whirlpool jets are also an option. Walk-in tubs are an exceptional addition to empowering seniors and the disabled to enjoy independent living in their own homes.


Whirlpool Tubs

To achieve a spa-like bath experience, you can choose a whirlpool tub. Air is forced through jets to create a massaging effect that many find relaxing. These tubs are often also referred to as Jacuzzi tub, for the manufacturer who first made them popular.


Hot Tubs

Usually a larger variation of the whirlpool tub, hot tubs can often accommodate more than one person, sometimes up to ten or more. They provide the same relaxing benefits and can be located out of doors and enjoyed year-round in any climate. In winter climates like here in Winnipeg, insulation must be used to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter months.


Specialty Nozzles

As noted in the shower stall section above, there are many innovative and luxurious, even therapeutic options for shower nozzles. Some nozzles can be adjusted in a matter of seconds so each bather can enjoy the water pressure they prefer. You can also choose low-flow shower heads to conserve water. These “aerate” the water flow so it uses less water to provide a similar effect and purpose.


James Wall Plumbing’s licensed plumbing experts can take care of any shower drain repairs, bathtub drain repairs, water pressure issues, and bath and shower installations and replacements. Call us for your plumbing needs, whether it be repairing your existing fixtures or installing new.


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